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Li-Ning Turbo Charging Z Boost Unstrung Badminton Racquet (Black/Blue)

Li-Ning Turbo Charging Z Boost Unstrung Badminton Racquet (Black/Blue)

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The Li-Ning Turbocharging Z is a top gun that promises fast-paced gameplay. The Turbocharging Z racket features a trapezoidal frame construction for aerodynamic efficiency. Enjoy the Best badminton racket on best price. This allows you to generate strong and fast swing motions and return the shuttlecock with ease and grace.The racket has been engineered to perfection by devising Dynamic Optimum Frame, MPCF Reinforcing, and Stabilized Torsion Angle technologies. These racket come in various badminton racket price segment. This is a BOOST Series racket featuring a flexible and medium shaft, moderate weight, and is the definition of an 'All-rounder' racket. This series is a perfect match partner that will help you adjust to any situation on the court.


Turbo Charging Trapezoidal Frame: This design of the frame helps in cutting through air seamlessly and reduces the drag coefficient of the racket.

TB Nano Binding: Nano technology is used to combine carbon and resin. This composition provides more elasticity and durability.

Stabilized Torsion Angle: This technology helps in reducing torsion resistance and enables better striking during smashes.

Racket Characteristics: Power - Explosive - Offensive


Weight 4U (80-84)
Balance Head Heavy
Flex Flexible
Grip Size G1
Composition Carbon Fibre
String Tension ≤ 30 LBS
Head Shape Dynamic Optimum Frame
Joint Jointless
Cover Full Cover

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