Must have items in a cricket kit

It’s true that cricket is not a game, it's an emotion. Well that holds true at least in India! Whether you're a seasoned pro or just a gully cricket star, one thing's for sure – having the right gear can make all the difference between a smashing game and a sticky wicket. At SportsBunker, we always aim at giving you the best cricket accessories, so that you don’t just play the game, you ace it!

So, grab your bats and the other must-have items for your cricket kit, and let the game begin!

Why organizing your cricket kit items is a game changer

Picture this: you're all geared up for an exciting match, but when it's time to hit the pitch, you find yourself digging into a heap of gear, not knowing where you have kept your stuff. Or, you have suddenly realized that one of your favourite socks is missing! Oh you don’t want to go thru that nightmare, do you? That's why keeping your cricket kit organized is as crucial as nailing that shot!

 Here’s why having a neatly organized cricket is necessary -

  • No more panicky searches for your gear! With everything neatly organized, you can easily find what you need in seconds.
  • Imagine suddenly knowing that you forgot your batting gloves! Organizing your kit means that you have all your essentials packed and ready to go whenever you need them.
  • Tossing your gear into a bag randomly can damage your gear, or push them here and there in the bag. Proper organization helps protect your equipment, making sure it stays in top condition.
  • Walking to the field with a well-organized kit gives you the confidence boost you most definitely need. Nothing beats feeling prepared and focused, ready to take on any ball the game throws your way.
  • Whether you're a pro or just an enthusiast, showing up with a neatly organized kit sets a positive example for your fellows. It shows responsibility and respect for the game.

10 cricket kit items every player must have

Having a well-organized cricket kit is not just a convenience but a compulsion. It takes away the stress of managing the itty bitty things so that you can focus on your game. The cricket craze becomes fun and enjoyable with a kit that's ready to make you conquer the field! Remember, it's not just about the gear, it's about the passion, dedication, and determination you bring to the game. So, get your kit organized, and let's hit the pitch with style and confidence!

Cricket bats: In every sense, a cricket bat is the heart and soul of your kit. At SportsBunker, you’ll find a huge variety of bats. Choose one that feels like an extension of your arm and watch those boundaries fly!

Cricket balls: Well, you just can't play cricket without one of these! Opt for a quality ball that's ready to spin, swing, or seam its way to your team’s victory.

Batting / wicket keeping gloves: Whether you are the one hitting boundaries, or the one standing behind the wicket stopping those boundaries, SportsBunker has a wide range of gloves for batsmen as well as wicket keepers.

Leg guards and more: Cricket is a game of unexpected injuries especially if your bowler is a fiery one! From abdomen to thighs, ensure you've got all your guards in place for proper protection.

Cricket footwear and socks: Shoes are as important as any other gear in cricket. Right shoes can help you grip the ground like a pro, enhancing your agility and speed.

Cricket clothes and towels: Jerseys are an inseparable part of the game. It is necessary that they are comfortable as well as stylish. Slip into your cricket whites by SportsBunker or your team jersey and feel like a true star.

Helmet: Safety first, guys! Keep your head shielded with a sturdy helmet that's fit for battle. Remember, whether you are on the road, or on the field, a helmet is a must!

Sunscreen: Outdoor games = sunburn! But don't let sunburn ruin your game. Slather on some good quality sunscreen and stay protected while you play under the sweltering sun.

Energy bars and healthy snacks: Sporting needs players to stay hydrated and energised at all times. Make sure to stock some protein rich and energy-packed snacks to power you through those intense times.

First aid kit: Just like any other outdoor sport, cricketing can also cause some injuries! Minor bumps and bruises are par for the game. It’s a smart thing to be prepared with a basic first aid kit for on-the-go care.

In addition to the things mentioned above, a pair of fresh clothes can also be kept. After a hard-fought match, fresh clothes are a sight to behold. Keep a spare set handy for post-game celebrations as well.

Organizing the cricket kit bag – tips to do it like a pro

  • Use a proper cricket kit bag or backpack to keep your gear.
  • Pack items in separate compartments for hassle-free access.
  • Keep your cricket whites separate from other clothing to prevent colour transfer.
  • Clean your gear regularly to maintain its condition.
  • Check your kit before every match to ensure everything is in place.

Ready, set, play – sporting made better with SportsBunker!

When it comes to your game, you would never settle for good enough, right? Then why should you compromise on the way you would organize your cricket items? With this ultimate line-up of must-have items for your cricket kit, you can ace your game - whether you're facing fast bowlers or spinning your way to victory! At SportsBunker, we empower you with the right gear, so you can turn an ordinary game into a match-winning performance. Whether it is sporting equipment or accessories, we never compromise, and bring you the leading brands in the field. Not just cricket things - whether you are looking for the best quality football, or a pair of branded badminton shoes, SportsBunker has the best collection of all things sports.

 So, pack your kit, hit the nets, and let your cricketing dreams take flight.


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