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Play the sport right with sports t shirts that fit you right

They say that clothes maketh a man – the truth is that how you dress has a huge role to play in how you look and feel. More importantly, you need to make sure that you are dressed appropriately. You need to be dressed to the occasion – so, when you are headed to office, you need to be dressed in formals, but when you are headed to the gym, you need to change your clothes. Now, if you are headed to the gym or a run, you need to invest in some really good quality sports t shirts!

Choosing the right sports clothing goes beyond just the brand – you need to pay attention to the size, the fabric with which it is made and whether you will feel comfortable in it even after you are done running the 5 miles! When you are looking to buy premium quality sportswear, you need to make sure that you do so from the right place, because sub standard clothing might be easy on the pocket, but will not last long.

Come to SportsBunker, where you can find the best brands, with price tags will make you want to buy more! We have made sure that we have assembled the finest clothing that the sportsperson in you, will want to wear!

Points to ponder when shopping for sports t shirts for men and women

It is easy to head to a sports store and simply pick tshirts that capture your attention. You might consider the size and perhaps the price tag, but nothing beyond that. However, when you are buying sports t shirts for women or men, there are some pointers that you should keep in mind:

  • Comfort – When you are working out, you are exerting your body, which is why, your clothing should be comfortable. Look for garments that are easy to move around in and allow you a certain amount of stretch too.
  • Fabric – While cotton would be a good option because it is highly breathable, you can also look for dry-fit materials. You can also consider fabrics such as polyester and polyamide, which provide stretch and comfort.
  • Moisture-wicking – Most people tend to sweat a lot when they are exercising and if the fabric has the capability to wick away the moisture, you will feel cool and comfortable for a longer time.
  • Fit – While exercising, you don’t want clothes that are either too loose or too tight; the right fit will allow you to move with ease, without you feeling constricted or uncomfortable.
  • Durable – It is also important that you pick clothes that are durable; with the kind of wear and tear you see in sports clothing, they can tear easily. Look for quality first!
  • Weather – Your choice of clothing also needs to be based on the weather, cotton is better for the summers, while you might need blend fabrics for the winter months.
  • Brand – Although this is not mandatory, you can consider the brand too, while shopping for sports t shirts for men and women. Generally, good brands will assure you good quality as well.

Choose the right material for your sports t shirts for men and women

When we talk about sports clothing, fabric matters a lot and you need to pay attention when you are shopping for yourself or for anyone else. Here are some of the most popular materials:

  • Polyester is a synthetic fabric, which is known to dry up really quickly and is considered to be an extremely strong and durable material.
  • Polyamide is also a synthetic fabric, but it is believed that this is one of the softest materials. Because of its moisture wicking properties, this is perfect for sportswear.
  • Spandex is known to be one of the most stretchable fabrics, which is why it is commonly used for leggings and other types of activewear.
  • When cotton and spandex are combined, you get a fabric that is both breathable and stretchable!

The many ways to use sports t shirts for women and men

There are plenty of people who feel that wearing sports clothing is meant only for sports, but the truth is that you can use this kind of apparel for a range of physical activities. These are just some of the places where you can wear sports t shirts with ease:

  • When you are heading to the gym, you can use these t-shirts, because they can offer you comfortable movement as well as a proper fitting.
  • If you are planning to do some yoga or Pilates, then you can wear t-shirts which are either perfectly fitted or slightly loose to let you move and stretch.
  • Going for a run or a jog or even a walk, you can pick and choose from a wide range of t-shirts. For these activities, you don’t have to wear anything specific; something that is comfortable is more than enough.
  • If cycling is your exercise of choice, then you should look for a t shirt that is slightly shorter, because you want to keep your legs and thighs free from any restriction.
  • For the dancer in you, a fitted t shirt would be a good idea, which you can team with fitted trackpants or even shorts.

Branded sports t-shirts mens and women’s collections at SportsBunker

Choose to shop at SportsBunker, and here you will be able to find a wide selection of high quality sports t-shirts mens and womens collections from several high-profile brands including:

  • Adidas – If you are looking for sports clothing that is stylish, comfortable and superior quality, then you need to shop from Adidas.
  • Asics – Known for offering really high-grade shoes, Asics also brings to you an incredible selection of t-shirts for men and women.
  • NIKE – When you think sports wear and accessories, Nike is a brand that certainly comes to mind and if you are looking for Nike t shirts, we have them all for you!
  • Skechers – You can also shop for Skechers t-shirts at our store and we bring to you options for men and women as well as unisex!


  1. Besides T-shirts, what else must I get as part of my gym wardrobe?

While sports t-shirts are an important part of your wardrobe, you will also need trackpants or shorts and of course appropriate shoes.

  1. How can I keep my gym T-shirts clean?

Make sure that you wash your tshirts after every use – washing and drying should be based on the material of construction.

  1. How often should you change your sports T-shirts?

You should change out of your sports clothes as soon as you are done. Replacement can be done every 6-8 months.

  1. What is the best workout wear?

That depends on what kind of clothes you are comfortable in – ideally you should look for well fitting tshirts and trackpants.

  1. Does the price tag of big brands justify the quality?

Most of the times it does – big brands often use premium quality fabrics and also have other features such as keeping your body cool and repelling body odour.

  1. What clothes should women wear to the gym?

Women and men should wear clothing that is well-fitting and comfortable when they are headed to the gym or playing a sport.

  1. What is the difference between a normal t-shirt and sports t-shirts?

Normal t-shirts can be made with a variety of materials, but sports t shirts will normally be made of fabrics which have stretch, moisture wicking properties and are dry fit.

  1. What is the highest quality of T-shirt?

The finest quality t shirts would be those which are made of high-quality fabrics such as spandex, Polyamide etc.

  1. What kind of shirt is used for sports?

When you are playing sports, you will need t shirts that have stretch, moisture wicking properties and fit you well. The fabric should be soft on your skin too.

  1. What are the best brands offering sports wear?
You can find good quality sports clothing being offered by brands like Adidas, Nike, Puma, Asics and Skechers.