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Why your football footwear matters to your game!

The love for football seems to have burgeoned in the recent past and the proof lies in the number of turfs that are sprouting all over the county. Introduction of professional football leagues has pushed the need for coaching camps and training centres and with more people joining these training sessions, there is also an emerging need for football equipment and accessories. At SportsBunker, you will be able to find a wide array of sporting goods, including shoes, balls and more.

Football, as a sport has been around for a long time, and the manner in which it is played as changed and so has the equipment and accessories. Today, it is easy to find shoes that match the level of passion, aggression and agility that the players showcase. When you are out looking for football footwear, you will not only get to choose from a wide variety in terms of colours and designs, but also material, cleats and more.

When you are making your choice, you need to take into consideration everything – from your playing style to which position you play at; you need to factor in the type of ground you are playing on and of course your budget.

At SportsBunker, we have something for everyone!

Picking the right football shoes has a science to it

If one were to dissect a football shoe, it would be something like this:

  • The upper
  • The outsole
  • The midsole
  • The heel
  • The stud or the cleat

Each part of the shoe has a role to play in how you perform on the field and while you need to keep these points in mind while shopping for shoes, there are several other things to remember as well. We at SportsBunker go beyond just offering you equipment and accessories – we also offer you comprehensive information on how to make the right choice, every time. 

Football boots for men based on the type of football

Did you know that there are actually several types of football shoes for men and women? Understanding which type you need is step one to picking the right shoe.

  • Futsal shoes – When you are a beginner, you are actually playing futsal and not really football; this means that you need shoes that are meant for beginners. Normally, these shoes will come with non-marking natural rubber soles, that offer better grip and footing. Moreover, these shoes will provide abrasion resistance and are best for when you are developing technical skills.
  • Football trainers – These are designed for intermediate footballers, who tend to play on artificial or hard pitches, as these shoes provide cushioning and comfort. There is generally foam in the midsole and performed cushioning in the insole and these absorb the shocks during play.
  • Football boots – When you are an experienced player, you will need boots that match your intensity and a comfortable insole is essential. These will allow you to play on a variety of surfaces. These shoes will also have studs, which give a good grip, which is a must have when you are playing on soft ground.

Consider the cleats

When looking for football boots for men, women or even unisex ones, you need to consider cleats, which is a crucial part of the shoe, because it offers grip and reduces chances of falling. However, you need to pay close attention to how you are choosing them:

  • Indoor – These kind of shoes are designed for use on the glossy indoor football courts, which tend to have hard surfaces. These shoes will normally not have cleats, but will look almost like sneakers.
  • Turf – If you are playing on an artificial ground or a turf, then you will need shoes that offer you grip and these shoes will normally have concentrated studs. You can keep these as a backup pair for hard surfaces as well.
  • Soft ground – These shoes are suitable for offering traction on muddy fields, which is why these will have longer studs. But you should take care whether these have metal or other material studs.
  • Firm ground – If used on grassy outdoor fields, these will be suitable, because they will offer you better traction and grip on dry and firm surfaces.
  • Hard ground – When playing on hard ground, you will need low profile shoes which have conical studs, which will not dig into the ground, but sit on top of the ground, allowing you ease of movement.

Normally soccer shoes will come with moulded cleats, which are attached permanently on the shoes, but these days, you can find shoes with detachable cleats too. The latter variety is suited for people who tend to play on multiple surfaces.

The material matters

In the past several years, you will get to see so many materials being used to create football shoes and the world of these specialised footwear is constantly evolving. Learning more about the materials, before you choose one for yourself would make sense as this would allow you to shop better.

  • Traditionally, football shoes would be made using kangaroo leather, which is known to be a soft and supple material and offers high comfort. More importantly, these shoes did not need ‘breaking in’.
  • Natural leathers such as cowhide are also used to make shoes as well, and although these shoes are more durable, they might not be as pliable.
  • Synthetic leather shoes will offer you all the benefits of real leather, but will have added benefits such as being water proof and being more breathable.
  • Synthetic fabrics are a good option for people who want something that is lighter, but more durable and will also show a certain amount of water resistance.
  • The latest entrant is ‘knitted’ uppers, which offer a textured surface that improves ball control as well as traction while kicking.

How to choose the right ankle height and fit

The fit of the shoe is obviously extremely important and you need to make sure that shoes fit you snugly – neither too tight nor too loose. You also need to factor in that shoes do tend to stretch a little with usage. And this is applicable for shoes for kids, men, women and even those who are choosing unisex shoes.

If you are looking at the ankle height, then you will have mainly 2 options – low and mid and the choice for this might be based more on your playing style and position. So, forward position or wingers will want a greater range of motion and they will prefer a low ankle. However, defensive players will like a mid-height ankle, because it offers greater protection.

Does playing position affect the football shoe selection?

Newcomers and amateurs might not realise this, but your playing position will also have an impact on your shoe choice. Each position needs a specific method of movement and that will determine the type of shoe you need.

  • Strikers and wingers – With the right choice of shoes, you can have better speed and agility and that is why you need shoes that are lightweight and have moulded studs. Choosing shoes that have a soft and flexible upper will allow you comfort and durability.
  • Midfielders – If you want to cover the entire midfield efficiently, you will want shoes that have a heavier sole and probably conical studs. These will allow you to have better control on the field and will give you the freedom to change directions easily too.
  • Defenders – Defenders need to have an immense amount of stability and control during their play and their shoes need to be their best friends on the field. Shoes with heavier soles with and bladed studs would be a good option, because you need shoes that will dig into the turf and enable super-fast movements.

How to clean your football shoes

In order to ensure the long life of your shoes, you need to make sure that you clean and maintain your shoes properly. Following some basic steps can allow you to use your shoes for a really long time:

  • Use a soft brush that is dipped in a mild soap solution to scrub out all the dirt from not only the sole, but also in between the cleats.
  • Using a soft towel, wipe off all the water and clean the shoes thoroughly.
  • Leave the boots to dry naturally, but do not keep the shoes directly in the sunlight or near any heaters as that could damage the shoes. You can stuff the boots with newspaper, as that can absorb all the moisture.
  • In case you are using leather boots, then you might want to invest in some balsam, which is like a nourishing and protective cream for leather.

All the brands on offer at SportsBunker

At SportsBunker, you can find a wide variety of football footwear and no matter what brand you are looking for, chances are that you will find them here.

  • Our collection of Nike football shoes will offer you comfort and durability and there are shoes for all kinds of playing positions.
  • Check out our Adidas football shoes which are designed for newcomers and professionals alike – a variety in terms of designs and sizes are available.
  • We also bring to you Nivia football shoes, which are fast becoming a popular brand in the world of footballing, as they are now associated with major football clubs of the country too.


  1. What shoes do you wear for football?

To play proper football, you need to wear proper football shoes or shoes with cleats or studs.

  1. Can I wear sneakers for football?

If you are playing on an indoor surface and only for amusement, sneakers might be fine.

  1. Are normal shoes good for football?

If you want to enjoy a proper game or are undergoing training, then you will need to invest in proper football shoes.

  1. Which shoes does Messi wear?

Lionel Messi is known to wear Adidas X Crazyfast soccer cleats and you can find them at SportsBunker!

  1. What are the 3 types of football boots?

The types of football boots are based on what kind of ground you are playing on – so firm, soft or artificial ground.

  1. How do I choose football boots?

You should consider your playing style, your expertise, your playing position, brand and budget in mind while choosing shoes. Also remember to check your shoe size.

  1. What are studs in football?

Studs are the metal or plastic mounds which are seen on the base of a football shoe and offers grip on the ground.

  1. Are football boots tight?

Ideally, you should choose the perfect fitting shoe, but professionals might prefer a more snug fit, because it allows them a better sense of ball touch.

  1. Are football boots waterproof?

Some materials like synthetic and natural fiber-based shoes are waterproof; it is best to check the same before washing them.

  1. How do you clean your football shoes?

You need to clean out all the dirt with a soft wet brush and then use a soft cloth to wipe it all clean. Then you have to make sure that you let your boots air dry completely before using.