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Runs or wickets – it’s all possible with the right cricket shoes

In India, cricket is more than just a sport – it is almost a religion. Every child in the country has played some version of the sport in their lives – whether it is in their school or their local streets. Famous players like Dhoni, Tendulkar and Kohli are given God like stature and there are millions of children, who dream to become like them. From imitating their stances to wanting to wear cricket shoes like them, there is so much that we get to see around us.

At SportsBunker, we encourage our up-and-coming sports stars, which is why we have made sure that we have everything that they might need to play well and play right. If you can see the next cricketing superstar in your child, you need to come to us, which is where you will be able to find the widest range of cricketing accessories – from the sturdiest bats to the best quality shoes, you will get it all here, under one proverbial roof!

In order to play a good game of cricket, you need to make sure that you have the right equipment, including shoes. Without the right equipment and accessories, there is always the chance of injury, but when you have SportsBunker with you, there is little to worry about.

Decoding the cricket sports shoes

When you are considering taking up cricket in a really serious manner, one of the first things that you will have to invest in would be a good pair of shoes. Now, mostly all shoes used on the cricket ground are ones with spikes on the soles, but before you go and pick any random pair of cricket spikes shoes, you need to understand the structure of the shoe.

Here is how, in general, a cricketing shoe is built:

  • The upper – As the name suggests, this is the upper part of the shoe, that is, the top part. This is the part where the shoe is held onto the foot. Some of the most commonly used materials include polyethene, microfiber and high-quality synthetic material. When you are picking a shoe, you need to make sure that this part is breathable and has stretchability too.
  • Cushioning – Also known as sockliners, this is the part that makes direct contact with the soles of your feet and need to have proper cushioning to absorb the shocks that are expected during playing.
  • Outsole – This is the layer of the shoe that is in direct contact with the ground and sits on the outer part of the shoe. Extremely durable materials such as polyurethane are used to make the outsole, because that is what bears the maximum wear and tear.
  • Mid sole – The midsole is the layer in between the insole and the outsole and this section is designed mainly with the intent of absorbing shocks. You will see a more prominent midsole in the shoes being used by bowlers, as they need greater shock absorption, while running.
  • Heel – The part of the shoe that protects the heel; this section is normally made with stiff materials, because it needs to offer maximum support and protection.
  • Spikes – When you are playing on a ground that might be wet or greasy, you will need the extra grip and that is where the spikes come in handy. In addition, while batsmen would need only half spikes, bowlers will need full spikes to ensure better grip, while running.

Unlocking potential with the right unisex cricket shoes

While your shoe choice might vary a little based on whether you are a batsperson or a bowler, but most of the factors that you need to consider while buying a pair of shoes will remain roughly the same.

  • You need to start with the right size. Too loose or too tight will create problems for you – too loose and the shoe might slip off and too tight and your feet will get hurt.
  • You also need to consider where you are playing. On synthetic turfs, you will want shoes that have rubber soles, because they will offer you better grip, while the spike shoes will be needed when you are playing on a turf or actual cricket ground.
  • What position you play in also has a role to play. For instance, batters will need shows that have more cushioning because they need to stand more. However, a bowler will need cushioning at the heel, because that will allow for improved shock absorption.
  • Also consider ventilation. When you are playing, you need to make sure that your feet and shoes are able to breathe. Having mesh-based shoes will ensure that there is proper ventilation.

The art of maintaining cricket footwear for men and women

If you want your cricket sports footwear to last you a really long time, you need to make sure that you take really good care of them. By taking some simple steps, you can easily prolong the life of your footwear:

  • Clean them after each use – Once you are done playing, remove all the excess mud and dirt using a soft cloth or brush. Make sure that you remove all the dirt from the spikes as well. You can then use a damp cloth to clean thoroughly.
  • Let them breathe – When you are playing, your sweat is bound to settle down inside the shoes, which is why it is important to air them out properly, every time. You can remove the insoles and then leave them in an open space, away from harsh sunlight.
  • Replace when needed – Your spikes are bound to undergo wear and tear, which is why you need to keep an eye on them. When you start seeing damage, you should replace them out as soon as possible. Same goes for your shoes as well; when they are beyond repair, you need to replace them, as damaged shoes could cause injuries.
  • Store them well – When you are done cleaning and airing your shoes, remember to store them away from direct sunlight and moisture. You can place them in a cloth bag and remember not to keep anything heavy on top of them.
  • Use them only for cricket – There is a reason they are called cricket shoes, because they are meant to be used only for that purpose. It is best that you not wear them casually or for any other activities such as running or working out.

These good practices will ensure that your shoes last you a long time and they look good as new!

Get your cricket spikes shoes and more at SportsBunker

At SportsBunker, you will have access to some of the biggest brands when it comes to unisex cricket shoes and here is what you can get:

  • Adidas – Adidas is easily one of the biggest names in the world of sports, and it comes as no surprise that they offer some really high-quality cricket shoes too.
  • Asics – Another big name in the world of sports, Asics brings to you a wide variety of really good quality shoes, which offer support and cushioning.
  • New Balance – In the world of cricket, New Balance is a well-recognised name and their shoes are known to offer comfort and good grip.
  • NIKE – When you think of some of the best sports shoes, you think of Nike and it is no different when it comes to cricket shoes as well.
  • Payntr – Cricketing footwear specialists, Payntr is known to offer good quality at pocket friendly rates, making this a favourite with younger crickets.
  • SG – Although SG bats are highly reputed, their shoes are no less! You can find a wide variety of SG shoes at SportsBunker.


  1. Where can I buy cricket shoes online?

SportsBunker is one of the leading online stores where you can find branded cricket shoes.

  1. Why do fast bowlers cut their shoes?

Fast bowlers put a lot of pressure on their landing foot, which can cause discomfort. When the shoe is cut, the toes can move freely and this protects their feet from harm.

  1. Why do cricket shoes have spikes?

The spikes are present to ensure proper grip, while playing on a field or turf.

  1. Can I remove spikes from my cricket shoes?

Yes, most shoes will have removable spikes, because this makes cleaning easy.

  1. Which are the best cricket shoes for men and women?

There are plenty of brands that offer really good cricket shoes, including Adidas, Asics, New Balance, Nike, SG and Payntr.

  1. How to wash cricket shoes?

It is best that you wash shoes by hand, rather than putting in the washing machine. Remember to dry them out properly before using them.

  1. What makes cricket shoes different from regular athletic shoes?

Cricket shoes are made with traction and stability in mind, and they generally have studs or spikes on the bottom for added grip. They also provide greater durability and support to meet the demands of the sport.

  1. Are cricket shoes suitable for other sports?

Some people might consider for other grass or turf-based sports such as football or hockey, but it is best to keep cricket shoes for cricket!

  1. How often should I replace my cricket shoes?

This will depend on how much you play and your playing style. If you take care of your shoes, they should last you a while.

  1. Which brand shoes do Indian cricketers wear?
Indian cricketers can be seen wearing a variety of brands including Adidas, Puma, Nike and New Balance.