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Get fit and get comfortable in the perfect pair of track pants

If you have decided that you want to get fit, then you need to start getting some form of exercise into your regular routine. The best thing about getting fit is that there are so many ways you can do it – something as simple as walking or jogging could work or maybe you could follow a yoga guru on the television as you practise in the comfort of your home. You could consider joining a gym or how about sweating it out in a dance class!

No matter which method of exercising you choose, there are some basics that you will have to invest in right at the start – proper shoes to prevent injury and of course the right type of clothes would have to be top on your shopping list. A handful of t-shirts or tops and of course, super comfortable track pants would be what you need to pick first and foremost. Getting into the right clothes will not offer you immense comfort and ease of movement, but also put you in the right mind frame.

At SportsBunker, we would like to become your one-stop store for all things sports and fitness related. Whether you are looking for playing equipment, accessories or even the right apparel, we can ensure you that you will find it all here!

What to look for when buying track pants for men and women

Most people don’t think much when they are buying sports apparel – they might look at the brand, the size and maybe the colour. Many people even keep the price tag first, because they see these as nothing more than just clothing, they will use for a few hours in the day or week. However, when you are buying sports apparel, you need to pay attention to certain factors, which will not only ensure value for the money you spend, but also quality and comfort.

So, let’s say, you are out looking for track pants for men or for women, here are the main pointers that you should keep in mind:

  • Fabric – Because you are planning to work out or exercise in these trackpants, you need to make sure that you look for fabrics that will allow your skin to breathe, while also having moisture wicking capabilities.
  • Fit – Of course the trackpants should fit you well, but they should neither be too tight nor too loose. Too tight and you might not be able to move with ease and too loose and you might find yourself floating in it.
  • Details – Most people might not pay attention to detailing, but you should look for design details such as pockets to store your phone, keys or EarPods.
  • Waist – While picking trackpants, you can choose from a variety of waist types – elasticated, one you can tie or fitted. Look for one that suits your needs the best and pick accordingly.

Apart from this, you should also look at the overall design and aesthetics of the trackpants – after all, you should look and feel good when you step out in them! At SportsBunker, you will be able to pick and choose from a huge range of trackpants for men and women, in several colours, designs, sizes and of course budgets.

The many track pants men and women can choose from

It is interesting to note that most people think of trackpants as a one trick pony! The truth is that the world of athletic wear has boomed in the recent past. These days, there are so many types of pants, underneath the umbrella of trackpants that you might feel slightly confused; understanding the basic types should help you make the right choice:

  • Long track pants – These are probably the most classic type and are favoured track pants for women and men, because they offer full coverage. These can be used for a range of exercises including walking, jogging, gym and yoga. You can choose from really fitted stretch ones or the straighter, relaxed fit options.
  • Joggers – Joggers are becoming extremely popular and these are the type of trackpants that have a tapered fit with an elasticated band at the bottom. You can look for joggers that come in a range of fabrics, colours, designs and patterns and pick one that catches your fancy the most!
  • Zippered ankles – Now, if you are someone who likes a little more structure around their ankles while working out, then you can look for trackpants with zippered ankles. A small zip at the base of the pants allows you to open them or leave them close, depending on the type of workout you are planning to do.

 Everything else you can use for your track pants for women and men for!

In case you were thinking that you can use track pants for men and women only when you are working out, think again! There are so many ways in which these trackpants can be used, outside of your exercise routines:

  • There is a reason why trackpants are categorised as athleisure, because they can be worn for athletic purposes as well as leisure wear.
  • You can wear them around the house or even when you are stepping out to get some errands done.
  • If you choose right, you can even take track pants to a semi-formal level – team it with a smart top, add a jacket and some interesting shoes and you are ready to party!
  • Trackpants are the perfect attire for when you are travelling too – they are comfortable and allow you the stretch you need.

Find branded track pants at SportsBunker

When you come to SportsBunker, you get to shop from some of the best brands from across the world! If you are looking for trackpants, you can pick and choose from:

  • Adidas – One of the biggest brands in the world of sports and athleisure, you can find a range of trackpants for men and women.
  • Asics – Yet another brand that specialises in sporting goods, including offering some extremely comfortable trackpants.
  • Skechers – Known best for their shoes, Skechers also offers some super comfortable sporting apparel including track pants.


  1. Can I wear track pants to the gym?

Of course, you can wear track pants for all kinds of workout routines including those you do at a gym.

  1. Are track pants different from joggers?

Yes, track pants tend to be straight or slim fit, while joggers can be baggier, and normally have a scrunched end at the ankles.

  1. How should I style my track pants?

You can team the pants with some stylish t-shirts, tops or even layer with jackets.

  1. How do I choose the right size for my track pants?

Measure your waist and pick based on that; you could look for elasticated and tie up pants, which are adjustable. Women should take into consideration their thighs and hips because that is where many women have more weight.

  1. Do mens track pants have pockets?

At SportsBunker, you can find men’s as well as women’s trackpants with pockets, making them really practical.

  1. Can we wear track pants for trekking?

Yes, you can wear trackpants for a range of activities, including trekking and hiking.

  1. Can you sleep in joggers?

Ideally, you should sleep in clothing that is extremely loose fitting and breathable, however if you are travelling, then joggers would be a good option to sleep in.

  1. Are track pants loose or tight?

You can find both types at SportsBunker – from ones that offer you a relaxed fit to ones that are a lot more fitted!

  1. Can I wear track pant at home?

Absolutely! Track pants are a comfortable and easy to wear option for home and when going around town!

  1. Can you wear track pants casually?

Oh yes, you can style trackpants quite easily for casual outings, such as shopping, going to the mall or even movie nights!