Must haves for every football player

It doesn’t matter if your idol is Ronaldo, Messi or our very own Sunil Chettri; it doesn’t matter whether you follow the English Premier League or our homebred Indian Super League, if you are footballer, then you need to come to SportsBunker, because this where you will get everything you need to become a footballer yourself!

It is easy to get swayed by the sheer choice that you might see at a store like SportsBunker, but a smart footballer will first understand what are the items that are an absolute must have. In order to make that list, it is important to factor in certain points – these would vary from your level of play, what kind of surface you are playing on and how regularly you play.

Whether you are an amateur who is just starting to go for coaching sessions or you are a pro who likes to play almost on a daily basis, there are certain football accessories that you will need. Without these, playing a round would be not as easy and more importantly, could lead to injuries.

What football players equipment do you need

Let’s start with the absolute essentials, which every footballer needs to have:

Football ball – You can’t play football without a ball, which means that this is what your first investment needs to be! While professional players might have multiple balls, having at least one ball is important. Now, the type of ball you choose will be dependent on your age and playing level. While very young players will need a smaller lighter ball, professional and adults will require a proper sized ball. The material with which the ball is made will also vary based on where you intend to play. It is important to understand ball sizes and categories before buying one.

Cleats/shoes – Unlike the football that you might play inside the house, where even barefoot is fine, when you are playing a serious game, you will want proper shoes. Without proper shoes, you could end up injuring yourself and others around you too. When you are choosing shoes for yourself, remember to pay attention to your foot size, material with which it has been made and proper fitting. When it comes to football, you will need proper football shoes, which are also known as cleats. The studs on the sole of shoes offer proper grip when running on the ground.

Clothes – While there are those who will play football in regular clothes, those who play regularly will tell you that wearing proper clothes is just as essential. Shorts and tshirts are often the go to clothing for footballers and most of them prefer dry-fit or quick drying material, which will allow them to feel comfortable even during continuous hours of play. In case you play for a team, then you will obviously have to wear your team jersey or colours. You will also have to invest in some good quality socks – while some might prefer regular socks, there are those who will like to wear stockings, which offer more coverage and protection to the legs. 

Shin guards – Given the nature of the sport, having shin guards are a must have because these are essential to protect your legs from injuries. There are two types of shin guards - stirrup and slip-in and you should choose one that matches your playing style. Although shin guards are mandatory for league matches, it would be advisable to wear them during recreational as well as training matches, because it can offer proper protection.

Gloves – If you are a goalkeeper, then you will also need proper gloves. When you are looking to invest in proper gloves, you need to keep age in mind, first and foremost, because the gloves for youngsters will be slightly different from the ones that are made for adults. The gloves are generally designed to offer extra support to the wrist, while allowing full movement to the fingers.

Medical kit – Football can become a really rough game, even when played amongst friends, which is why you need to make sure that you invest in a good medical kit too. While basic items such as antiseptic liquid, bandage and pain relivers are a must have, you should also have blister pads, heel cups, and foot massage balls, which can give relief to your feet, after your playing or training sessions.

While these are the absolute essentials, in addition to all these, you might want to invest in some extra football products too; however, these can be purchased only when you are a professional or extremely regular player.

Mouthguard – A lot of people don’t invest in mouthguards, but these can protect your teeth, gums, and jaw from impact injuries. This is extremely important when you are playing a highly competitive match, where things could become rough.

Arm sleeves – Generally, full sleeves jerseys are not allowed for the players, excepting the goalkeeper. However, when you are spending so much time in the sun, you might want to invest in arm sleeves, which will offer protection to your arms.

Training cones or markers – If you play at a training ground, they might have all these items, however, very serious players might invest in these for their home, which allows them to practice dribbling, movement and other football movements easily.

Kit bag – If you are constantly going to and fro to the coaching centre or playing field, then investing in a kit bag would be a good idea, because that will allow you to carry everything in an organised manner and with ease.

We at SportsBunker aim to become your one stop shop for all your sporting needs; whether you are looking for a football jersey or you are looking for swimming trunks, you will be able to find all of that and so much more here!

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