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APACS Feather Weight 55 Unstrung Badminton Racquet (Navy)

APACS Feather Weight 55 Unstrung Badminton Racquet (Navy)

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The Apacs Feather Weight 55 Badminton Racquet, a true masterpiece crafted for champions seeking an edge on the court. Enjoy the Best badminton racket on best price. Designed with precision and innovation,These racket come in various badminton racket price segment. this ultra-lightweight badminton racket promises to revolutionize your game and take your performance to new heights.


Unleash the Power: The Feather Weight 55 is engineered to deliver unparalleled power extension with every swing. Its cutting-edge Nanotec Technology enhances the frame's stability, enabling you to generate explosive shots effortlessly. Smash with confidence and dominate the court like never before.

Exceptional Build: Crafted with the finest materials, the frame is constructed using 30T Japan High Modulus Graphite, providing optimal strength and durability. This ensures that the racket can withstand the most intense rallies while maintaining its feather-like weight.

Head Heavy Balance: The Feather Weight 55 boasts a head-heavy balance, providing you with superior control and enhanced maneuverability. Experience precise shots and swift swings as you dictate the pace of the game, leaving your opponents awestruck.

Perfect Grip: Featuring a comfortable Grip Size of 8U-G2, the racket fits snugly into your hand, granting you a firm hold and allowing you to concentrate solely on your performance. With this exceptional grip, fatigue will be a thing of the past, letting you focus on winning points with ease.


Playing Level Intermediate
Weight 58(+/-2)-8U
String Tension 30 lbs
Grip Size G2
Frame Material High Modulus Graphite + Hexagon Throat
Gourmets 72
Strung No
Racket Length 670 mm
Balance Point Head Heavy (335+/-3)

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