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Li-Ning Windstorm 72 S Unstrung Badminton Racquet (Dark Grey/Gold/Blue)

Li-Ning Windstorm 72 S Unstrung Badminton Racquet (Dark Grey/Gold/Blue)

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When you think of lightweight rackets, the Li-Ning Windstorm 72S is the stellar winner. Windstorm technology delivers an ultalite 72g racket frame giving you optimised speed and control. Enjoy the Best badminton racket on best price. The racket also features a head-heavy balance with the frame weight more concentrated towards the racket head to enhance your swing power. The flexible shaft offers faster swing speeds to improve your reaction time significantly and make you unstoppable on the court. These racket come in various badminton racket price segment.


Superlight Technology: Li-Ning's Unique super lightweight technology ensures reduced air resistance and enhanced swing speed. This means your swing will be more sensitive, controlled and flixible, giving you the power to make timed and stealthy strikes on the court.

UHB Shaft: Extensive research and design has resulted in the UHB Shaft for improved badminton racket flex higher up on the shaft to provide extreme strength and control. The UHB shaft improves smash performance and is especially effective when hitting half smashes.

Dynamic Optimized Frame: The racket frame is engineered to enlarge the racket's sweet spot, allowing more consistent & higher hitting velocity and increased bounce strength without sacrificing durability.

Aerotech Beam System: Based on aerotech beam system, support of advanced calculation and gathered practicing data, the structure and shape of rackets frame section have extreme low drag coefficient and high intensity, to enable the players´ performance in various shots. The Aerotec-Beam System is an extra aero dynamic badminton racket frame structure that is specially engineered to minimize air resistance while maintaining the strength of the frame.


Weight 5U (75-79)
Balance Head Heavy
Flex Flexible
Composition Carbon Fibre
String Tension ≤ 30 lbs
Grip Size G6
Made in Country China
Head Shape Isometric
Strung No
Joint Jointless
Cover Yes

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