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YONEX Astrox 100 Tour Strung Badminton Racquet (Kurenai)

YONEX Astrox 100 Tour Strung Badminton Racquet (Kurenai)

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These racket come in various badminton racket price segment. YONEX Astrox 100 Tour a world-first, new dimension graphite material, Namd, greatly improves the adhesion of the graphite fibers and resin by attaching nanomaterial directly to the graphite fiber. In high performance racquets, it is common to combine nanomaterials with resin that connects graphite fibers, but in Namd, nanomaterials are directly adhered to the graphite fibers and resin is greatly increased. Enjoy the Best badminton racket on best price. This major improvement produces a shaft that flexes and stores energy, delivering explosive force on impact with the shuttle.



Enlarged Sweet Spot

Cuts Vibration

The built-in solid feel core cuts harmful miscellaneous vibration at impact. Solid feel core is carried in all racquets manufactured in Japan.

Extra Slim Shaft

Thinnest, Strongest Ever Produced by Yonex


Weight 4U (80-84.9g)
Flex Extra Stiff
Composition Graphite
String Tension 20-28 lbs
Grip Size G4
Made in Country China
Head Shape Isometric
Strung Yes
Play Level  Advanced
Cover Full Cover

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